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My "Fashion" Show

8 of the 15 models painted that day (the others were human statues and living tables and were already at work).
On the bed you can see some of the design sheets.

The statistics:

5 weeks prep.
$963 in supplies- paints, brushes, pasties (female models had to wear them), props
15 *phenonminal*models
10 hours
Me and 3 assistants posing as artists ;)
One AMAZING night

A note on my models. I know many body artists use the smallest women and the most built/shortest guys they can find. I refuse to do that. They insist that the paints look better, but I don't think so. I think the model has to fit the design in personality first and foremost. I know it's a way of savings/efficiency as well. Less skin means less paint cost and less time spent painting. 
I don't believe any of my designs would have worked on someone else and so I would rather use real people as models than select someone for body shape only.  My model choices ended up being praised, so it worked. ;)

Harlequin- This is a base of yellow, with black and then orange accents. He was by far the most time and artist intensive piece and people thought he was in a lycra suit. It was quite wonderful.

This last one, The Starlet,  is my fav but you can't really see the details. Red base, gold airbrush "lace" overlay with glued on black rhinestones and marabou feather trim, black paint was used for the gloves. Model opted for lace bottoms to resemble a hip sash on the dress.  I painted "wrinkles" at the waistline as well as hem movement to create the illusion of a dress even further.  People came up to touch her as well because they thought she was in clothes.

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